Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to the barn... what?!?

This is what I looked like when I heard the news that I'm heading back to the barn... WHAT?!?

Don't get me wrong, I love the barn, all the dogs, all the nice people who brought me back from Cleveland, but I'm kind of used to a real house now. What did I do wrong that I have to go back to the barn?

Ana assures me it's just for a few days. She says that she's going out of town and temp-pops is on a deadline, so she'd rather I spend time at the barn with new people and other dogs rather than sitting in a crate, but what if she doesn't come back? What if she forgets about me? What if she decides that life is easier without me and leaves me up there? What if.... oh gosh, I get nervous just thinking about it!

But Ana says if I get nervous to just recite THE PLAN over and over: first a few days at the barn, and then we all go on vacation together like one big, temp-family. She says to think of it like summer camp. I'm going to play with kids my own age, help all the new barn volunteers learn about different kinds of dogs, and spend time with Tim and Donna (who are probably my favorite people on earth).

She says even if I get lonely at first then pretty soon there are going to be all kinds of fun things to distract m... oh hello, there, Mr. Jiggs!

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  1. O, Ayse, THE PLAN is great. You are going to LOVE Summer Camp and I can't wait to see pics of you and Mr Jiggs (I have little crushes on both of you). And, when Ana picks you up and takes you on vacation, I bet she and temp Pops will also spoil you a bit more than they already do because they will have missed you so!