Monday, August 1, 2011

Gas Station Buddies

I'm kind of like an amplifier when I meet strange dogs. What I mean is, if a new dog walks up and has naughty intentions, I get really excited and focused on that dog and I will refuse to look away or calm down. I take that dog's energy, multiply it, and give it right back (and end up looking like the naughty dog).

However, if a dog is calm and has good intentions, I still get a little excited (because it's me we're talking about) but I can turn away. The calmer the other dog, the faster I lose interest and turn away. This is how Ana can tell if it's safe for me to meet another dog or not. I don't get to meet new dogs until I don't care anymore, and then it's easy for me to be polite.

The other day we were driving through Alpine, Texas. We stopped to get gas and I hopped out to take a potty break. Stealth-like, this cattle dog came up behind us. He was really handsome and right away we sniffed and then I went back to my business. He was very polite, gave us our space, and waited for me to get back. Since he was being such a gentleman, Ana let me have a nice long, loose leash to say "hi" and so we could get to know each other.

Notice how our bodies are slightly curved and relaxed? We're also sniffing the sides of our faces instead of nose-to-nose and staring each other directly in the eyes.

Then I showed him my good side in a real flirty fashion, inviting him into my space and hoping he'd follow me. He was interested, but too polite to take advantage of a little lady like me...

... so I had to be more obvious. Once again, notice how I'm not going straight up to him in his face, that would be rude. I'm making that arc again, which is how dogs are supposed to do it.

Finally, it worked! See how our mouths and bodies are still very relaxed. We played like this for a while and made everyone at the gas station smile.

But this was just a pit stop and eventually we had to head off again. We said goodbye and he watched us leave, though I was already looking at the road ahead and never once behind us... that's how cool a dog he was.


  1. Love the Ayse tutorial with pics / demonstrations. Just realized that my Nina is also an amplifier. Very helpful! And Ayse makes a lovely model - oh, and her new friend is cute too :)

  2. great photos - great help too! So glad to see Ayse and hope you are having a great vacation!

  3. Very clever, that bit about him being so cool that you didn't even look back. You've got it all figured out, precious girl.