Friday, September 2, 2011

I swam!

I know everyone is supposed to go on vacation this weekend, but we jumped the gun and went camping last weekend at Ana's favorite spot in the desert. It was really hot, like almost 100 degrees. It was so hot that I, yes, broke down and swam!

It was kind of an accident, I was just following Ana into the water and seeing what Booker (another dog) was so interested in (a ball) but I did it! Afterward I was so tired, even though I was only swimming for a few seconds at a time. I'm not scared to go into the water, but taking that final step into the abyss is pretty mentally draining so I was tuckered out even though I only did that a few times. If you know me, it's hard to slow me down so that was quite a feat!

Here I am catching some rays after the experience. Ahhh, now that was a vacation!


  1. Little Ayse, you'll get there. Our last foster Stevie Wonder was pretty timid about the swimming at first, but after a few tries it became her very favorite activity-- other than deathing sticks on shore and rolling in dead fish. You're on your way!

  2. Atta girl! Glad you had a great vacation! Panda didn't like the river at first either but now she'll go in and splash, chase Moose, and snorkel for rocks! (She still does not like baths and runs when I get the garden hose out!)

  3. Good for you! Two summers ago, at the age of seven, my dog, who doesn't like getting her feet wet, rather suddenly decided to take up swimming. She's not a super strong swimmer and she doesn't like to spend much time paddling around out beyond where she can touch, but it's probably her favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, she is prone to a condition called swimmer's tail, which is temporary paralysis of the tail brought on by constriction of the nerves from swimming in cold water. That means she only gets to go swimming when it's been hot out for long enough for the water to get warm--something that doesn't happen more than a couple times a year up in Seattle! I hope this swimming adventure is the first of many!