Thursday, May 26, 2011

Secret Spots at Sunset

There aren't many places in the city a girl can stretch her legs without running into off leash dogs, but Ana has a few tricks up her sleeve. The other day we went to this cool place underneath the freeway. It was sunset next to the train tracks. I got to run around and sniff a lot of things. Since I'm not allowed off-leash until I'm much, much further along in my training, I stayed on a long line which gave me plenty of room to cut loose.

After I got my kicks out, we practiced some long-distance stays and recall. Here I am staying and looking at some train hoppers in the distance. Isn't the light at sunset beautiful?

It's kind of hard to stay when there's a photographer squatting right in front of you, but I'm trying. Really hard.

Did you say, "take a break"?


  1. these pics are great...though you do have a particularly adorable subject! ;)

  2. hey, isnt that the spot where you have pic of you on pacocollars?...